Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Sample or Not To Sample

I have been bitten by the sample bug! I love getting free samples in my mailbox, partly because I get to try new stuff for free and partly because samples are almost always accompanied by coupons. Requesting samples is a great way to get coupons you couldn't get any other way.

Now, to be fair, I will admit I've gotten some samples for items I will never use. When they arrive, I sometimes ask myself why I even signed up for it! Like couponing, I will become more choosy over time.

Another benefit I've gotten from sampling is that my name is "out there" and I've gotten some fun offers to try new products if I'm willing to give my feedback. I recently did a product trial for a foaming carpet cleaner, and I've got one on the way for air fresheners. These trials usually include full-size products. The carpet cleaner company sent me 2 full-size cans of their product; the air freshener company is sending multiple full-size units so that I can share them with friends and get their feedback.

Which brings me to my next point. When I receive my air fresheners (Sense 'n Spray units from Glade), I will need to give some away to others to test. If you'd like one and are willing to give me your feedback, leave a comment to this post with your name and e-mail and I'll choose winners when I get the products.

Good luck, and here are some links to free samples to get you started. *Remember to sign up for a free e-mail account that is only used for requesting samples, because you will get a lot of spam!*

Send an e-mail to requesting your free sample of ECO Cents-ible Powdered Laundry Detergent
Walmart's Samples - list of all the free samples they offer

There are lots more out there; check back for more links later!

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