Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Albertsons Coupon Rules

Well, the inevitable has occured! As of tomorrow, Albertsons will no longer accept competitor coupons. In other words, you cannot use the Safeway double coupons or any other coupons from competitor stores.

Even though this sounds like a bad thing, it seems they are trying to make up for this change by issuing their own double coupons. In this week's ad (found in the food day that arrived today) there are 4 double coupons on the front page. Each one can be used to double one manufacturer coupon, up to $1.00 each! That's twice as good as Safeway. Note, however, that the coupons are only good March 22-24. So, get out those high value coupons and use them to get some cheap or free items.

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