Saturday, March 21, 2009

KMart Double Coupon Week

Did you know that Kmart sometimes doubles manufacturer coupons? Once in a while, they will double coupons with a face value of up to $2.00 (that's a total of $4 off)! That can mean lots of free products. This sale starts tomorrow (3/22) and goes through Saturday. Go early for the best selection.

Here is a link to some possible deal scenarios (keep in mind these are not posted by West Coast bloggers, so some prices may not be accurate).


  1. I just spent 2 hours a KMart shopping for items I had coupons for. When I went to the register, they refused to use any of my downloaded coupons. My sister in law and a friend of hers, had just used the same coupons a few hours earlier. After listening to several of the cashiers complain about couponers and "Wonder how other stores do this" they still refused to use my coupons and I than asked to see the manager. The manager finally came by and explained that their management just recinded the offer to use downloaded and internet coupons. Not only did I not purchase any of the items ,I had just put some items on lay away for my daughter and told them I wanted to RECIND that as well. They were going to keep my down payment. After a very one side conversation with the manager, they reluctantly returned my down payment and I left the store. Oh, Did I forget to mention, when I went through the check out and brought out my coupons, several of the cashiers were complaining and commented very negatively about "people and their coupons, no one else allows that". Needless to say, all the lines had customers in it. I will never shop at K Mart again or even Sears because of this experience.

  2. Sounds like you had a bad experience! I'm sorry to hear about that. I heard a rumor that some stores were accepting internet coupons and some were not. That's a chance we couponers always take when using that type of coupon. I have discovered that having a company's coupon policy in my coupon box is helpful when checking out. I used Target's policy the other day when using a coupon and they gave me no problem. If I were you, I'd send an e-mail to Kmart about your experience. To me, if you're doing a double coupon where you're accepting up to 75 coupons per person, the checkers should be expecting a lot of coupons! You might be surprised by the company's response.