Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Incredible Bottled Water Deal!

This deal is for those of you who have access to multiple computers and can print multiple copies of some high value coupons. If you can figure out a way to get them, though, you can get 14 cases of water (24-packs) for as little as $1 (plus deposit)! Follow these instructions carefully:

1) Print at least 6 copies of each of these coupons (you'll only be able to print 2 per computer):
$1/1 Nestle case water - you'll need to register with an e-mail address and physical address
$1.50/1 24-pk Nestle water - Internet Explorer, Firefox or try this one if you're using Safari on your Mac

2) Go to Safeway and get an ad and tear out the coupon doubler. Buy five 24-pk. cases of .5L Nestle water

3) When you check out, use 5 of the $1.50/1 coupons and the Safeway doubler. Here's the price breakdown for this transaction:

$3.99 x 5 = $19.95
-$5 Instant Savings (automatic savings when you buy 5)
-$7.50 coupons
-$2.00 Safeway doubles
*note: don't forget that you'll pay $1.20 per case in Oregon for deposit

4) At the end of your transaction you'll receive a catalina for $5 off your next purchase.

5) Take the water to your car, then go back in and buy 5 more cases of water. When you check out, use your remaining $1.50/1 coupon and 4 of the $1/1 coupons, plus your Safeway doubler and the $5 catalina from the previous purchase. Here's the breakdown:

-$5 instant savings
-$5.50 coupons
-$2.00 Safeway doubles
-$5 catalina
=$2.45 (plus deposit in Oregon)

You will again receive a $5 catalina at the end of your transaction.

6) Cut all 10 upc codes from the top of each case of water and send them with your receipts and this form to Nestle's Pure Life / Best Life Healthy Rewards program. You will receive 4 coupons for case packs of Nestle Pure Life water!

Not factoring in deposit in Oregon, your total for all 14 cases of water will be $2.90! That's less than a penny per bottle! When I did my first transaction, I also received a coupon good for $3 off a $10 produce purchase. Of course, if you had access to more than 3 computers, you could print more than 6 of the $1.50/1 coupons and your deal would be even sweeter. The Nestle rewards deal allows up to 10 case pack coupons per household, so if you can print more coupons, you can continue to roll this deal and claim more free cases from Nestle.

The catalina deal is running through 8/9, but the Safeway Instant Savings deal only runs through 7/28, so get there before next Wednesday!

Thanks to Hip 2 Save and Abundant Food Savings for much of the deal details!


  1. I noticed that the Nestle Pure Life isn't in the ad this week, is it still part of the promo? I would love to do this deal, but Safeway isn't super close to me so I'd hate to go there if it wasn't. Thanks!

  2. Hansen Family: I also noticed that it wasn't shown in the ad. I haven't been over there since the new sale period. I would definitely recommend calling your Safeway and asking if they're still included in the "Buy 5 get $5" promotion. Also, even if you couldn't print as many coupons as I mentioned, you could just print 2 of each of the different coupons, then buy 5 cases and submit to Nestle for your 2 free cases and you'd get 7 for $2.95. Still a great deal!